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Hey if u are reading this then u prolly know me pretty wel but for those who dont my name is Brittany I have loved once and lost once I dont do much outside of sit around and listen to music and I love my family and friends more than life it self. I am not full of it but sometimes i am a little over confident yet sometimes i can be pretty depressing to. I dont take well to critisism unless i am doing the critisising. But if someone actually has to guts to critisize me then i take it to heart. i am pretty picky when it comes to guys i have relationships with but for a good make out session as long as i know u are clean and u look good then a little kiss wont hurt anything but no further than that cuz i dont like to have sex. OH, and for my friends i have pretty high standard of respect for my friends its kinda like u scratch mine ill scratch yours if u respect me i will respect you.
gymnastics, listening to music, swimming, well i like danceing